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We know people

We invest in people

We can spot the people

who will succeed

who live

eat and breath

their ideas

and will

stop at nothing

to achieve



who understand the need for a compounding advantage


have a compelling vision that is disruptive; who can and will attract talent and capital.

How we operate:

Find the right people with disruptive ideas.

Help them find and
fill their gaps.

Connect them

to the people we know

who will take them further.


Much further.

Our strategy is one of concentration with diversification.

There is no ‘One Right Way’.

We utilize multiple strategies.

We know we don’t know it all.

But we know people who do.

Knowing the right people leads to a lot more clarity, simplicity and productivity.

Who we’ve helped:

Obviously what we

invest in doesn’t tell you

as much as

who we invest in.


These are the companies and funds

that represent

the people

who we know

will succeed

or have



Esalen Ventures


We know


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